Life is too short. Too short for the negativity, too short to let people dictate your life. Too short to not do what you want whilst you have the opportunity. But above all that; life is too short to complain about small, minor problems and issues you think you are having, when there’s far worse happening to others elsewhere.

Whether I’m “Supposed” to Be Doing What I’m Doing or Not

People always think they know what’s best for you. They try to pull you in one direction or the other, whenever you’re on a path that’s straight. “You should be doing this, you should be going here, or focusing on this.” Am I right? How many of you have had someone in your life who’s tried to guide you away from the direction you want to be going in? You finally find something you love, and yet they’re not happy. People would rather you live a miserable and stable life, than a happy and risky one. You’re in this for you. Not for anybody else. Don’t let people try and dictate what you can and can’t do. Even if they do truly want the best for you, that’s exactly what you want for yourself too.

 People Who Hate Without Reason

The more you open yourself up to the world, the rawer emotion you will pull in from people. This means BOTH love and hate. And most of the time, that hate makes no sense. There’s no reasoning behind it, no constructive feedback, just pure hate. Pointless. And, to be honest… the hate people have for you normally stems from their own personal issues, so stay positive. Be positive, ALWAYS.

 Being Normal

Have you ever tried being ‘Normal’? It feels ridiculous. Let’s be honest. You know, that bracket people just kind of sit in when they have no character, ambition, skills or qualities that make them unique. EMBRACE your true self! Don’t let the world minimize you. Be proud of who you are. Be weird, be ambitious, be daring… Just be something!

 Being Accepted By Everyone

It’s almost impossible to be accepted by everyone. Everybody is different, and I don’t mean bad/good different. Just different. Everybody has different opinions, styles, preferences, personalities, and that’s a great thing! But difference (in most cases), is a wonderful thing. It just means that not everyone will like what you like. Simple.

Whether I’m “Good Enough”

This one’s a biggie, and what with high ambitions, it’s a tough one. I’m sure we all worry at some point about being good enough for something. Being good enough to give people advice, good enough to make a truck load of money, to do what you love, to marry the person of your dreams. We all question ourselves on that, right? STOP!

Stop questioning yourself and start acting. Maybe you’re not ready to achieve those things just yet. But if you keep working to develop yourself, eventually you will be! Come on guys, don’t ever question whether you’re good enough.

 The Past

It can’t be changed, only acknowledged. A lot of people suffer from disturbing pasts. These are often pasts that are hard to move on from. You can’t change anything that’s happened to you in the past, but you can acknowledge it, learn from it, and be grateful for where you are now.

 Being Stood up

It happens… let’s be honest. By both friends, family and dates. You arrange a time, and last minute they cancel, or don’t even bother letting you know. Then you get down, upset, angry, whatever it may be, and the situation affects your mood for 1, 2, 3, days? Here’s what happens when I get stood up nowadays: I get back to work. I try and get the next slice of the pie. I do a little self-improvement.

Following the Path of the Majority

“…Oh boy… he said it. Here we go again…” Did you think I would just let this slip?

Don’t follow what everybody else is doing just for the sake of doing so! Because maybe you think it’s the safe option, and that if everybody else is doing it then it’s the best thing for you to do. Hell no! Think for yourself. Decide what you think is best for you. Sometimes it might be the right option, but the key is to make the decision yourself. If you don’t and decide to follow everybody else, then I’ll be waiting with an “I told you so” when it doesn’t work out quite how you expected.

How I Look or Sound on Camera

Even as I dived into self-improvement, started building my confidence, getting out of my comfort zone and making moves; there were still fears that held me back. One of these fears was how I looked and sounded in front of a video camera. For someone who had literally no self-esteem growing up; from wearing jumpers all the time because I hated my arms, or just letting others push me around because I wasn’t confident enough to speak out. There was always going to be a point where I hit a wall, even after conquering all this. It’s still a wall that can be climbed, I just needed to get my breath back. I’ve now made a promise to be publishing at least 2 videos on YouTube every week from now on.


Just a quick recap again:

  1. Whether I’m “supposed” to be doing what I’m doing or not
  2. People who hate without reason
  3. Being normal
  4. Being accepted by everyone
  5. Whether I’m “good enough”
  6. The past
  7. Being stood up
  8. Following the path of the majority
  9. How I look or sound on camera


In our next article we will deal with the other 9 worries you should not worry about.

Have a blessed month!