Choose Happiness during this Pandemic

Before this world pandemic most of us were confortable in our circumstances; some of us had settled in our way of doing things and had found happiness in our circumstances even though they were not good.  Am here to remind ourselves that even during these hard times of COVID 19 pandemic; we can still choose to be happy. 

Happy people are the ones who can endure the tough times still with a smile on their faces. They are more resilient and perhaps hard-wired to look on the positive side of things. It simply says happiness is a choice, not a result. Nothing will make you happy until you choose to be happy.

While we cannot always control our circumstances, we do have more control over our life activity. We all want to be happy. We work at it. We strive for it. We know it when we have it, and we know when we are not happy. It seems so elusive sometimes.

OK, I hear what you might be thinking: all of this is easier said than done. Life is tough..  especially with this pandemic with us.  True, there are many challenging things that we are experiencing and will experience.  This doesn't mean that all of life is bad, it just means that life is not easy neither will it be easy. But happiness does not come from our circumstances or our situations. Happiness comes from a choice that we make within.

We’re all living with the objective of being happy and our lives returning to “normal”; our lives are all different and yet the same. Everyone has the same objective in life right now- to be happy. Ultimately, every individual is going through the motions of life in hopes of finding happiness and purpose and it doesn’t matter age, race, gender or even nationality.

The following four ways can help us choose happiness during this pandemic;

Thinking of all the beauty still left around us. This means choosing to think positively. No matter how bad life seems, there’s always something positive we can find to focus on. It could be the fact you have a place to live, friends and family that love you, have something to feed on, have clothes to wear, or even that you have eyes to see and legs to walk with. The fact that you are alive and that we can meet here to comfort each other. There are millions of people in the world that don't have some of those things right now.  Remember that everyone lives through difficult seasons - hard times are part of life. Even though it feels like you're on an island alone, you're not! Exercising gratitude is a proven method to achieve healing. When the going gets tough, remember the beauty in your life and choose happiness. Channeling the goodness will guide you through the most unbearable times. And sharing this reminder, with others, has the power of changing the world. In simple terms  “SAY THANK YOU.”  Rather than noticing what you don’t have, pause to give gratitude for what you do have.

Being ourselves - It’s okay to feel some moments of happiness right now. It doesn’t make you a monster. Actually, it can be really helpful. The new coronavirus pandemic unfortunately isn’t going anywhere anytime soon. We all have to figure out how to get through this in a way that’s emotionally sustainable over the long run. Finding moments of joy where you can might help you endure. There’s also the fact that, even if you have to dig deep, you’ll probably notice that you don’t only feel okay (or even happy) right now. Having a lot of conflicting feelings is part of being human.

Do you find yourself enjoying life by the fact that you have free time from your work place? Not having to be in the traffic jam in the morning and evening, having time to play with your kids and cooking meals for your loved that you have not cooked for many years? Just enjoy the moments. And, in the end, remind yourself that you aren’t a bad person if part of you is enjoying some aspects of your new life a little (or a lot). You can be rigorous about behaviors like handwashing and disinfecting, but drop the judgment about what you feel. If you can find some joy in this time, consider that a gift, and try to be grateful for it.

Being active - Laziness may appear attractive, but work gives satisfaction. Rest is bliss; however, being productive makes rest a blissful state of mind. When humans are productive the brain sends endorphins throughout the body, which creates a state of satisfaction and happiness. When we allow ourselves to be lazy, we become complacent to the world existing around us. Even though this avenue may seem less stressful, it isn't because it places a damper on our existence as an individual. Nothing can replace the feeling of making yourself satisfied by your own creation. You are wondering how do I get creative? Do something new you have never done before. Most of us have a lot of idle time with us now.  Get use of your time by doing something  for yourself and others. I love the way Kenyans have become creative in making masks; creating awareness of COVID 19 through paintings and drawings; inventing ways of getting cheap ventilators.  This definitely brings the sense of happiness in our lives.  One of the best ways to make yourself happy is to make others happy. So ask yourself, ‘How can I lift other people’s spirits during this pandemic?

Being active also means taking care of yourself;  physical self-care— especially exercise. The first step in boosting happiness is to take care of your body.  Your physical experience will always influence your emotional experience. And exercise is the magical elixir of life.  Even light yoga or taking a quick walk can do the trick. Research shows that a mere 12 minute walk is sufficient to create an upbeat, happy mood.


Practicing meditation. You’ll actually foster inner joy by slowing to meditate for even five minutes at a time.  Meditation increases feel-good neurochemicals, as it reduces stress hormones such as adrenaline and cortisol.

I’m a believer in Jesus Christ and the word in the bible gives me much happiness daily.  The Bible tells us in numerous places, “Happy are the people whose God is the Lord” (Ps 144:15, Dt 33:29, 1 Kg 10:8, 2 Chron 9:7, Job 5:17; Ps 128:2, Ps 146:5, Pr 16:20). Happy is the man who obeys God and keeps His commands. Happy is the man who is corrected by God. It is proof of our legitimacy as sons and daughters. Happy is the man who cares for the poor. Happy is he who loves God more than money, power, prestige or the praises of men. Happy is the servant whom the Master finds doing as he was told when that Master returns. Underneath all of these “beatitudes” can be found the basic happiness principle. Happiness comes from being God’s friend, from obedience to His commandments, from trusting in the Lord.

Comforting thought during this pandemic

There is always a silver lining. Happiness is a choice but also a daily practice that requires time, effort and dedication. Take a few minutes a day for example to be thankful about something during this pandemic. Reflect upon your present blessings, of which every man has many--not on your past misfortunes, of which all men have some.