“There’s something in you that the world needs.” “There’s something in you that the world needs.” “There’s something in you that the world needs.” “There’s something in you that the world needs.”

God has ordered our steps

There are many times that we want the solution to a problem or the answer to a prayer to come right away.  We live in a world of instant gratification, or it seems that way.  We all are way too busy to slow down and sometimes we want things fast and even want things now!  God orders our steps because there is somewhere He wants us to go.  He desires us to walk with Him.  God has placed or ordered those steps to finally reveal at the end of that path, something He has for us.

 “They bruised his feet with fetters and placed his neck in an iron collar. Until the time came to fulfill his dreams, the Lord tested Joseph’s character.  Then Pharaoh sent for him and set him free; the ruler of the nation opened his prison door” Psalm 105: 18-20.

A young boy born in a shepherd family, who loved to dream, was raised to the position of a ruler in Egypt, second in position to Pharaoh would be a short synopsis for Joseph. Though this statement looks exciting, considering the growth in the life of Joseph, his growth was not an overnight turn around. His background, his dreams and the circumstances he faced were all contrary to each other. A short overview of Joseph’s life that spans around four different scenarios, help us to understand the hard way Joseph went through before His dreams were fulfilled and see how God had ordered his steps and fortunately enough Joseph went through the steps remembering that he had a dream and was anointed one of God. The life as Jacob’s favorite son: Joseph was his Dad’s favorite son. The love of his father created bitterness in his brothers. They looked upon Joseph with anger. Imagine a childhood where all ten of his brothers never said any good words to Joseph… in today’s terms we could say… Joseph was a victim of constant home bullying. But we see he was still favored by his father, and also favored by God to be a channel of blessing for the whole family. Gods favor was upon Joseph right from the time he was in his father’s house. At his father’s house he saw dreams, that revealed Gods purpose on Josephs life and I understand from the scripture at a young age, Joseph took the dreams that God gave him with importance, he cherished and valued them, he had great faith that made him believe, the dreams that God showed him will be fulfilled. The life as slave starting from a pit: The boy who dreamed and believed in his dreams is now seen in a pit, an evil plot by his brothers, so that the dreamer will never see his dreams again. And from there starts his distress filled life, the life of a slave. A slave does not have any right to dream, he is just asked to obey his master. We might feel Joseph gave up his dreams and started to slowly accept his life as a slave. But when we see him as a slave in the house of Potiphar, he is not a depressed, bitter, dream crushed slave… we see the Lord was with Joseph and he was a person successful in everything he did. Joseph carried God everywhere he went. “The Lord was with Joseph, and he was a successful man.” Genesis 39:2. Joseph found favor in the sight of his master and he became the in charge of his household. Also when temptations came his way, he stood with integrity, proving his commitment to the word of God. In Potiphar’s house we see Joseph did not chose to give up his dreams, there would have been a great deal of war within, that made him think whether his dreams were just a dream or God given purpose for his life. We do not know whether he was strengthened by his dreams or was depressed, but he stood for his God and exceled in every job given to him.

The life in the prison: Joseph was sent to prison because he chose to stay for the truth. His test at Potiphar’s house send him right into the next part God planned for him… his waiting phase…the jail. While in the prison we see, the Lord was with Joseph and the jailer showed him favor. There also we see whatever Joseph did, the Lord made it prosper. We see he was compassionate to his fellow jailers and also under the counsel of God, Joseph explained the dreams of the King’s cupbearer and baker. Although the people whom he expected to show mercy in return failed him, God opened the gates of the jail for Joseph, when the Pharaoh’s dream perplexed the palace.

The life as a ruler:  When he explained the Pharaoh’s dreams, he became a man with God’s favor and the King’s favor. A man filled with wisdom and counsel from above. He was positioned in Egypt in advance By God, for a special purpose, to save his entire household from the grave famine. Joseph was a channel of God’s blessing to the family of Jacob. A true example of forgiveness when God gave him the authority over his brothers, he chose to forgive…because he understood Gods plan for his purpose well! He knew God positioned him in Egypt for the blessing of his entire household.

Each trial that Joseph faced was a test for him. “Until the time that his word came to pass, the word of the Lord tested him” Psalm 105:19. Until the day his dreams became fulfilled, it burdened Joseph, he waited for it. During each trial we see he grew in character and wisdom. He chose to believe in God’s promises even though he did not see anything favorable in his sight. But Joseph had a steady relationship with God although his life, which made God’s favor rest upon him.

The story of Joseph always strengthens us and reminds us of God’s faithfulness. His promises remain true, it will come to pass. Though there are delays, though there are hindrances, though the pathways we need to travel are much different than what we expect God will take us to His promises in His time, according to His perfect plan because he had ordered our steps. Are you facing a situation much different than what you have expected in your life? Are you in the pit of darkness, thinking nothing good can come out of this.  Listen to what God has to tell us through the life of Joseph. The strong relationship with God can help us stay strong and with integrity and peace as we pass through situations we never imagined of in our life. Stay with Jesus wherever you are. Do not grow bitter in your situation, lean on Him and He will enlarge you in character and wisdom and grace. Stay with the truth in the word of God. Stay prayerfully! Stay believing in God’s promises for you… He is going to take you to that next step that you have been waiting for long! Our God does not forget us.

Comforting thought for the week

Just as God opens doors, He closes doors. Don’t get stuck trying to hold on to something that’s over and done because God has already ordered our steps. The steps God orders requires continual dependence upon His guidance.  There may be times where God lays before you a single step to Victory.  Like the choice to call upon the Name of the Lord and accepts Jesus as your Savior.  The steps in which we need God’s continual guidance to the end will require God’s hand holding our hand; walking with us every step of the way.  Maybe the steps lead to deliverance.  Maybe the steps lead to healing of loss of a loved one.  Maybe the steps lead to your marriage being restored.  Maybe the steps lead to your children coming back to the Lord.  All I know is, without His hand in ours, we will fail or at the very least get lost.