“There’s something in you that the world needs.” “There’s something in you that the world needs.” “There’s something in you that the world needs.” “There’s something in you that the world needs.”

Welcome to Gods workshop

God has created us for purpose and to accomplish this He takes us through preparation in many ways. Some easy others difficulty but all meant for our good. In order to be used of God we need to work on the following;

Forgiveness: Decide to forgive yourself for all that you created by believing an erroneous thought system based on the misperception that you are separate from God and that He is punishing us by undergoing the difficult circumstances we are undergoing. See that you aren't the cause of your suffering. Forgive and release yourself by letting go of your erroneous perception. Don’t waste your pain.  Believe that God has allowed this to happen because He could trust you with it.  Holy Spirit of God has a testimony of you since he dwells in you. Always remember that True forgiveness releases the underlying decisions and beliefs that create suffering.

Forget the past: The thought of "let go and let God" often brings up fear because we believe we have to sacrifice if we let go. We tell ourselves that surrender is a sign of weakness. However, by questioning those beliefs, I've discovered that when I truly surrender all to God, my awareness opens into my only real Source of strength, safety, freedom, joy, wellbeing, and the most tender love there is. Many of us have been taught to believe that our Creator is strict and punishing. This is a false image of God created by the illusionary ego part of our mind which thinks we separated from God and should therefore be punished. The ego only has one lens to view everything from separation, guilt, fear. The ego mind projects an image of a judging, vengeful God because it sees itself as bad, guilty and deserving punishment. In Truth, however, our Creator is the Source of unconditional Love that always sees us as it created us the same pure loving Essence as Itself. However, if you believe that God is outside of you, judging your every move, the thought of surrendering to it will evoke tremendous fear.  Practicing a let go and let God has enabled me to know an indescribably tender, intimate, unlimited, formless, all encompassing, nameless love that is far beyond what I would ever thought was even possible to experience. I've come to realize that all that keeps us from experiencing this unlimited Love all the time is the unconscious beliefs that seem to block our awareness of it.

Acknowledgement: Decide to be willing to acknowledge that your thinking perspective is the only cause of your suffering. When faced with different difficult circumstances we try so much not to acknowledge that God is involved in whatever we are undergoing and thus causing our own suffering of pain, fear, guilt and bitterness.  Everything “out there” is a mirror showing us what is here, within our own minds. We are always walking around in our own mind. Whatever the “other person” appears to be doing is just a mirror that our workshop is holding up to bring our unconscious beliefs about who we think we are and how we believe we should be treated separate being who is bad and should be punished into our conscious awareness. Then we can question them, let go and let God show us another way of seeing. Look at your life and its recurring themes of suffering and ask yourself, “Has my usual thinking created happiness for me?”  

Surrendering: Surrendering is another important tool that God will use in His spiritual workshop.  Decide to be willing to let go of your habitual, separate way of thinking that has only caused you suffering. Let go and let God. We can DECIDE to open our minds and surrender our habitual, limited way of thinking, our perspective, the lens we view everything from. We can look within and find the willingness to let go and let God show us a new viewpoint. When we've sincerely realized our own thinking is the only thing that has ever caused us suffering, being willing to let go of our old perspective naturally follows.

Accepting: Decide to accept the perspective of the awake light within you that is who you really are. We can decide to view this physical dream from the eyes of pure, formless awake spirit within us and to accept Its viewpoint. We can choose to release our allegiance to a false belief system based on separation, guilt and fear that created our suffering. Instead, we can align with what is Real within us. When we do this, we begin to experience peace as the reality of our lives, as we let go and let God.

Know What We Really Want: We think we want a better relationship, the ideal career, a more beautiful healthier body, a bigger, newer house or car, because we think the “thing” will make us happy. If you think about all the things that you want, at the core of that desire is wanting to feel a positive emotion. We think a thing, person or experience will give it to us. And it might. But only just for awhile. Then the ego focuses on the next thing it wants. It is always in search of bigger, better, more. But remember that true joy comes from the Lord.

 Comforting thought for the day

When you are undergoing any difficult situation in life just step back and let step forward Divine Light. Let God be in charge. Then you will be able to see the whole picture. Then surrender all of it. Use the above spiritual workshop tools to help you out.  May be all you can only see now is a tiny little part of the picture, and that is from your skewed perception, based on the illusion that you are separated from your God. But remember that children of God will never be separated from His love.  Just allow Him to correct your choices, beliefs, thoughts and perceptions that have created your suffering. Be willing to expose to God any hurtful perception of this subject so that you can correct it. Then choose to let God be your Guide instead of your limited, illusionary, painful ego mind. Then invite and accept correction of your perception about Gods unlimited love for you.