website was born with pure intentions to help those in need of healing from tough situations of depression and discouragement or undergoing trying moments and need encouragement and hope. The website contains messages that will encourage one to keep on trusting that life belongs to God and trusting Him for His healing by searching for the truth about the promises of God in His word.

God shall remain the ultimate comfort in hard times and will give you the grace to overcome the great pain, bring rest to your heart, so that when you overcome you also can comfort others (2 Corinthians 1:3, 4). If you have experienced God's comfort in your time of grief, you are uniquely able to understand what another person is going through. So what you do or say will give others hope and rest. It is extremely wise to constantly tell oneself and others that though we don't understand why God allows some things we do not understand to happen to us, He's God and human beings we are mortal beings - and because He is God, He does what is best for Him and ultimately those who belong to Him. Somewhere, between the messages in this website and the messages that God puts in your hearts, God is speaking. And He is calling you by name in your difficult circumstances in whatever form they come. It is our prayer that what we share in our website with you today reminds you of the God who knows your name in all your beauty, in all your brokenness, in all your hurt and pain and He wants you to share with Him for He cares and He knows your pain and hurt. For the One who weeps with us understands our heartache. He is "a man of sorrows and acquainted with grief" (Isaiah 53:3). But He does more than understand; He also acts.

We hope you will be blessed every time you visit this website.  May God bless you and cover you with His invaluable love. Amen