We all gather here (I believe) because in one way or the other we are seeking Godly healing in different situations of our lives.  We all need inner healing! We can describe inner healing as the act of allowing the transforming power of God to get into our past memories. Since Jesus is the same yesterday, today and forever, He is able on our behalf, to go back into the past and heal all remaining wounds that may affect our current situation for all eternity. Inner healing is known to come after forgiveness.  Sometimes we may forgive someone for a wrong done, we may want so badly to forgive ourselves and even unfortunates events of life that have happened to us;  yet pain and deep hurt still affect us when we recall the memory of the hurt.

So how can we receive our inner healing in hurting situations?

We should admit that we are hurt.

Everyday hurts are crosses that we pick up, we face and we ought to embrace. If we deny our hurt feelings, we give them an opening to have control over us and our behavior. The Lord Jesus urges us to daily pick up our crosses and follow him.  We must take a realistic look at what we get when we hold on to the hurts. Do not maintain a pity partying and a false “poor me” point of view.   Godly wisdom demands that we let go of hurts in order to fill the void with that which life giving and sustaining. It is what sustained Jesus Christ when the people He loved turned away; when those He trusted betrayed Him, and when He hung all alone on the cross.

We should have desire to heal life’s hurts

We should try to heal life’s hurts because when we continue carrying them we continue to hurt. If we were to suffer a gunshot wound or dog bite, we would immediately seek for help and healing. Likewise, when our emotions are wounded we must seek for help and healing of those emotions.

Should when we fail to do so, we cause damage to our spiritual, emotional and even physical well – being.  What is interesting is that we have the power to lighten the burdens we carry, and yet we can also choose to keep a grudge and continue to bear the burden.  Our spiritual life will always be affected when we allow past hurts to be part of who we are now.  When hurts are not healed, it becomes difficult to see Christ in those around us and to be Christ for those around us.

Share your story of hurt

The best person to share your life’s hurt story is the one who has experienced the pain of being hurt. This is the person who has a healing power, who, having been wounded has become a wounded healer.  Instead of bottling it up, it is best to tell your story to this “wounded healer” and allow yourself to be comforted.  The one person who perfectly fits in the shoe of the wounded healer is the Lord Jesus, present in every time that we need him.  Stop talking to people about your hurts and instead start talking to your hurts about your great “wounded healer” our Lord Jesus Christ. Sometimes we direct our hurts to wrong place – to people- because of our great desire for human approval and sympathy.  The idea that you must have love or approval/sympathy from all the significant people in our lives is really irrational behavior. Whereas we may demand love from a limited number of people while we are hurting, we cannot usually win the approval/empathy of all of them.  Some people have little ability to love anyone or even empathize with anyone who is hurting because of their own limitations.  Others will for reasons way beyond our control disapprove of us or even rejoice or wish us more ill. Still others will despise those hurting because of some ridiculous prejudice they have against them.  If you will be centered toward needing to being loved/sympathized on when you are hurting, you must also worry about how much and how long you will be approved. 

Speak a word of healing in faith

You know that the LORD Jesus gave you authority to heal and be healed therefore speak to the part of your life that needs a healing and command it to be healed in Jesus Name.  Speak to the hurting situation and confess that which is rightfully yours in Christ Jesus; it will uplift you spiritually and help to make you available to receive all the good things that God has made available to you.  You must know God’s love if you are to experience His fullness in your life (Ephesians3:17-19).  Speak a blessing over the hurting situation in your life out loud to yourself that it may truly go deep within you.

All the healing that we need in every situation is in scriptures

You must remember that God’s word is medicine for your spirit, soul and body; the way that you experience its power is by speaking it out loud, praying it to God, meditating on it, and believing it.  When you speak His word over your life, it releases His power into your life. Believe what the word of God says more than what you think or how you feel or what people/circumstances have said or not said about you. Keep speaking His word over your circumstances and have confidence that in His own good time He who began a good work in your will continue to complete it (Philippians 1:6)

Allow our Lord Jesus Christ to heal you.

When you share your hurt with this “wounded healer” He will not just listen to you but He will also act. Listen to Him for His quest always is “what do you want me to do for you?” (Mark 10:51).  I don’t know what you will say, but I can hear Him answer, “of course I want to heal you” why? Because Jesus wants to heal us.  We have only to ask.  Since he came that we might have life and have it in abundance, we are assured that He desires our healing.

As I have my own share of deep hurts and pain in my life, my way of doing it is that I first share with Him how I feel – my  hurts, my  feelings of pain, my aches, how awful it is to carry  the pain alone.  He gives me some hooks to hang my emotions.   The Lord Jesus neither judges nor scolds.  He listens with compassion and empathy and also acts. I ask Him to be with me as I experience the aching heart.  I practically walk through the agony with the Lord Jesus.  Then I stop and listen to what He has to say to me.  I think about His own response to my hurt.  He may speak through scriptures, through what other encouragers have written in their books or blogs or better still in the quiet of my heart.

Comforting thought for the week

If you and I are open to His word, knowing and believing that He is the great healer, Our LORD Jesus will tell us what we need to know or do in order to be healed. Just keep in mind that we are precious in His eyes and He loves us so much and want us to be healed from whatever it is that we are hurting. (Isaiah 43:1-4)