We love you our dear reader as you have been a part of encouragement every time you visit our web site.

Could you be part of an army of encouragers that our Lord God is rising up?


We are making a call for an army of encouragers to rise up to help those who need it. We would love to hear from you through our email on how you have overcome any kind of adversities in your lives.  We know for sure this will be an encouragement to us and to our fellow readers who visit this website. More so we are calling on you to find your own way of encouraging others by sharing your story as God will direct you.  It could be sharing your story to other believers, to your colleagues at work, to your friends. 

Always remember that an Encourager is anyone who has walked a broken road and survived, to share their story, wisdom, and failures… as God leads them.

Offer hope to those who can’t see past today! God allows us to go through trials because He has a greater purpose than we can see. One of those purposes is to comfort those on a similar journey. You understand what they are dealing with… when no one else can. You know how to pray for them. It may be that you can help them avoid things that you didn’t avoid. Guide them through the deep waters so that one day they can guide someone else. Most importantly, point them to the ultimate Guide: Jesus Christ!

Keep in mind what Meg Wilson wrote:

“God’s Word makes it clear that we’re not meant to be individual islands. He calls us to meet together, to encourage one another, and to confess to other believers our struggles. He designed us to be in community and understands the meaning of synergy, the benefit of combined effort.”

The Challenge

So, that’s what we’re challenging you to do. Be an encourager. You don’t have to be a counselor, or have it all together. You just need to look to see where there is someone that could use some encouragement (perhaps, careful advice) and give it.