Let nothing steal your inner peace.

After experiencing many adversities in my life I know the value of my inner peace.  I guard it.  I highly recommend the following techniques to protect your inner peace:

Be very protective of the messages you allow into your consciousness. Newscasts, violent or disturbing TV shows and films, and negative peace stealers (people who will look for any chance to rob your peace with their negativity about everything in life) have no place in your life. If you can’t eliminate them completely, you can at least tune them out. Set boundaries for your life.  Learn how to say NO.

Realize that worry is a form of fear, and fear and love cannot cohabitate. It’s either one or the other, so when you feel Worry seeping in, consciously choose love. One helpful technique is to practice writing down a list of things you’re grateful for, right here, and right now. No matter how bad things seem, everyone has good things to acknowledge, and the more you do this the easier it gets.

Eliminate Entitlement. Entitlement is simply fear in disguise. This habit is actually overcompensation by the ego to get what you need (or believe you need) to make you feel safe and secure. But it doesn’t work. It keeps you stuck in lower vibrations of fear and keeps you from being grateful. Gratitude, when practiced, feels really good — doesn’t it? Humbleness for all that exists within and around you adds to your joy. Pay attention to when you feel entitled to have something and resolve to let that go. When you do, gratitude will naturally take its place thereby freeing you from the habit of entitlement.

Recognize that Worry is about a future myth that hasn’t happened yet and may never happen. It’s a down payment of something that will never happen. Focus instead on the present, taking one second, one minute at a time. You’re okay right now in this moment, so accept that, breathe, and practice being present. Practices like meditation can help to center you if you find this difficult.

Recognize that there is nothing you can depend on to be happy. Someone wise once said “don’t depend too much on anyone on this world because even your shadow leaves you when you are in darkness” Who or what do you need to feel good? These “needs” can become dependencies which are habits in the unhealthiest of forms. The interesting truth is there is nothing outside of you that can truly make you feel good. Your willingness and desire to just be happy is all it takes. However, if you are dependent upon somebody or something to make you feel good, you’re in trouble. You won’t be able to truly attain inner peace if your happiness is dependent upon something. Take charge and resolve to no longer emotionally rely upon anyone or anything to make you feel good, and you’ll liberate yourself immensely.

Accept that you need to let go of any outcome of your situation, and trust that whatever happens is for your higher good. Once you fully accept that, try taking baby steps towards making a positive impact on whatever Worry is trying to taunt you with. If it’s a money issue, figure out what tiny steps you can take to begin to move your finances in the right direction. If it’s a relationship issue try making a little effort to improve things. If it’s a loss of a loved one, its a universal thing. It happens to all of us but more so if you are a believer do trust God for your comfort. Then let go of having to control how the whole thing turns out. It is exactly as it should be.

Help someone else. One of the quickest ways to inner peace, and one of the fastest ways to squash Worry is to get the focus off of yourself. Volunteer, call a friend and offer to help around their home or business, begin performing random acts of kindness with total strangers, always expecting nothing in return. Worry can’t handle this kind of altruism and will soon be a distant memory.

Understand things happen in our lives. We all are subject to unforeseeable events that occur without warning. However, many people have the habit of automatically reacting with fear. If you react with fear, you lose your equilibrium and peace. Understand and accept you can’t prevent, control or influence these events. It’s in your best interest — and the best interest of those around you — to detach from the drama, accept the situation at hand and respond appropriately (instead of emotionally reacting with fear). Breathe deeply while doing so to help that process along. Know that these events won’t last forever. And trust that there is a Divine order to life that will eventually reveal blessings as the chain of events unfold. Break the habit of reacting with fear by letting go.

Be a believer. One of best known peace stealer is fear. Don’t make an idol of it, and worship at the feet of your worry (or fear) - rather than the feet of your God. I've found that in my deepest moments of struggle, it's not been a result of God forsaking me, but of ME taking my eyes off of HIM. I let those things become more important - BIGGER - than God. It's like I've said, "My fear (or worry, or regret, or shame, or busyness) is greater than God's ability to overcome it." It sounds so harsh when I put it like that. I don't like to think of it that way. I prefer to think of these things as "personal struggles." But as long as I continue to allow my mind to engage in these thought patterns, I will never really experience that peace I'm longing for.

I have to allow the Prince of Peace to really and truly rule.


Are you struggling to find peace? Maybe it's time to put Him back on the throne. It's time to see the peace-stealers for what they really are: false idols we've put our trust in. It's time to turn away from them and give proper place to the One who is greater than any of it.